Searles Wettable Sulphur is a professional grade fungicide / miticide. Wettable Sulphur. The sulphur of Wettable Sulphur acts as a spore killer. Spores accumulate sulphur which interfere with important processes in fungal spores.
 Sulphur is noted for its ability to suppress mite populations, and is particularly effective against tomato russet mite, bean spider mite and grapeleaf blister mite (erinose) to name a few.
* For the control of brown rot, scab, powdery mildew and rust on pome and stone fruits.
* For the control of mites and powdery mildew on citrus, vines, vegetables and ornamentals.
* Suitable for most fruit & vegetables, including ornamental flowers.
* Controls a range of 9 common mites including: two spotted mite, citrus rust mite and white louse scale as well as 2 fungal diseases: powdery mildew and black spot.
* 250g makes up to 125 litre of spray.
* For more effective application, add Spredmax® when applying.
* Available Size: 250g
* Active Constituent: 800g/kg Sulphur (S)


* Always be sure to read the full label and follow all directions.

Searles Wettable Sulphur 250g

  • For the control of a range of fungi & mites on fruits, vines, vegies & ornamentals in the garden.