high grade, all natural, fertiliser in easy to use liquid form. Delivers remarkable benefits for the best health & vigour your plants can achieve!

Suitable for all plants including vegetables, fruits, flowering plants, indoor plants, ferns, orchids, roses, lawns etc.

- Contains 100% pure organic fish & kelp. NPK: 10.3 : 2.5 : 2.5
- Rich in beneficial ocean fish oils.
- Is cold processed to retain all the nutritional value found in fish and kelp.
- Contains 60+ naturally occurring elements including vitamins, minerals, alginates, plant growth hormones, amino acids, gibberellins, cytokinins, auxins, phenolic compounds and proteins, promoting healthy growth.
- BFA Certified fully organic to recognised worldwide organic standards.
- Encourages strong seedling establishment.
- Reduces stress at transplanting.
- Increased and improved flowering and fruiting.
- Extended flowering of ornamentals.
- Decreased plant stress/increased resistance to drought & frost.
- Reduced chemical usage.
- More efficient use of applied minerals.
- Better taste and longer shelf life of fruit and vegetables.
- Improved sugar levels, earlier maturity and increased yields.
- No artificial fertilisers or growth stimulants added.
- Improved stock health and production.

Searles Seamax Organic Fish & Kelp Fertiliser 1Lt