This is a professional grade fungicide combining the benefits of both Mancozeb and Wettable Sulphur.
 Providing you with protection against leaf diseases in a wide number of plant species with the added benefits of Wettable Sulphur. The sulphur of Wettable Sulphur acts as a spore killer. Spores accumulate sulphur which interferes with important processes in fungal spores.
* Contains both Mancozeb and Wettable Sulphur.
* Suitable for most fruit & vegetables, including ornamental flowers.
* Controls a broad range of 16 common fungal & bacterial diseases including: anthracose, powdery mildew, dollar spot and damping off.
* 200g makes up to 40 litres and for  more effective application, add Spredmax when applying.
* It is particularly effective against shot hole, blossom blight, bitter rot and brown rot to name a few.
* Available Size: 200g
* Active Constituents: 549g/kg Sulphur (S) present as Wettable Sulphur.
* 235g/kg Mancozeb

Searles Mancozeb Plus 200g