Searles Flourish® Orchid Booster is a soluble plant food suitable to apply to orchids and for fast results, apply fertiliser solution to foliage just as you would when watering normally.
Orchid Booster contains a balanced blend of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) & Potassium (K) plus a range of essential trace elements, made for strong growth & masses of brilliant blooms.

 Contains chelated iron, copper, zinc and manganese. Chelated micronutrients are fast acting and are absorbed faster through both leaves and roots.

Flourish Orchid Booster 500g

  • * Boosts blooms & growth.
    * Contains Chelated Micronutrients.
    * No Chlorides.
    * Nutrients absorbed by plants faster for quicker results.
    * Suitable for all orchids including cattleya, dendrobium, vanda, phalaenopsis, oncidium, paphiopedilum, cymbidium and native orchids.
    * One formulation - all year application.
    NPK: 16N - 6P - 23K + Trace Elements