Searles Flourish® Flowers & Foliage provides plants with fast acting nutrients to ensure better growth, flowering and fruiting.

* Premium quality soluble plant food.
* Boosts blooms.
* Feeds foliage.
* Develops fruit.
* Formulated for flowers, fruit, vegetables, shrubs and pot plants.
* Boosted with extra Iron (Fe).
* Contains Chelated Micronutrients for fast action.
* No Chlorides.
* Nutrients absorbed by plants faster.
* Brilliant quick results.
* Foliar and soil fertiliser.
Searles Flourish® Flowers & Foliage contains Chelated Iron, Copper, Zinc and Manganese. Chelated mirconutrients are fast acting and rapidly absorbed through both leaves and roots.


Flourish Flowers & Foliage

  • 16N - 4P - 25.7K + Trace Elements

    Available sizes: 500g, 1kg