* Suitable for most fruit, vegetables and ornamental flowers & shrubs.
* Controls a broad range of 20 common fungal & bacterial diseases including: bacterial canker, leaf curl, sooty blotch, melanose, early & late blight.
* 200g makes up to 100 litre and for more effective application, add Spredmax when applying.
 Copper Oxychloride is an effective broad-spectrum protectant fungicide with low risk of resistance development, due to the copper mechanisms of multiple action. Copper is actively accumulated in the fungal spores, inhibiting germination, even at very low concentrations.
It is particularly effective against blight, scab, freckle and bacterial speck to name a few.

Active Constituent: 500g/kg Copper (Cu) present as Copper Oxychloride

Searles Copper Oxychloride 200g

  • Available in 200g