Searles Advanced Penetraide® Re-Wetting Granules allow water and nutrients to penetrate to the plants roots where it is most needed and enhances the soils ability to absorb moisture, increasing plant growth.

Improved formula -- Lasts longer -- Greater coverage

* Easy-to-use granules, sprinkle onto pot plants, hanging baskets, gardens and lawns.
* Lasts up to 12 months.
* Added fertiliser to boost plant growth and vitality.
* Improves re-wettability of growing media.
* Increases water penetration.
* Increases water holding capacity.
* Reduces water run-off.
* Improves fertiliser and pesticide delivery direct to root zone maximising efficiency.
* Non-phytotoxic formulation.
* Easy to apply and spread.
* Resists wind drift on application.
* Searles quality guaranteed product.


Advanced Penetraide