NPK 18-3.9-8.3+1.2Mg+TE


Osmocote Pro is the best 2nd generation fertiliser on the market, offering high NPK content, trace elements and proven performance. Fully coated and packed with NPK, magnesium and all the necessary microelements. Plus it has a fixed longevity range depending on the release time. Osmocote Pro features a regular release pattern and can be used at full rates or as a base dressing combined with water soluble feedings. Suitable for pottered colour, perennials, container nursery stock and other short term crops. Also for Top Dressing, not only short-term with longevities up to 12 months. Also for top dressing established stock


Target crop                               Average fertilizer needs         High fertilizer needs       
Container nursery stock 3.5 - 4.5g per Litre 4.5 - 5.5g per Litre
Pot plants 4 - 5g per Litre 5-6g per Litre
Perennials                                          4 - 5.5g per Litre                                       5.5-6g per Litre                                 

Add maximum 0.5g/l NPK starter fertilizer, in combination with Osmocote Pro.
Rates mentioned in gram / liter pot volume, based on full rates.

Osmocote Pro 25kg 8-9 Months