What Is Grow ?

GROW is developed from specially selected organically composted chicken manure blended to our specific requirements. The composted manure is put through our unique patented process of aerobic fermentation. Added to that process is a combination of microbial inputs and other ingredients that results in a highly refined, biologically active, high carbon and pH neutral liquid with a complete balance of macro and micro nutrients.


Whats in Grow ?

Micro And Macro Nutrients In Grow

Nitrogen mg/L 779
Aluminium mg/L 2.3
Boron mg/L 2.0
Calcium mg/L 86
Cobalt mg/L < 0.1
Copper mg/L < 1
Iron mg/L 1.7
Magnesium mg/L 43
Manganese mg/L < 1
Molybdenum mg/L < 0.1
Phosphorus mg/L 25
Potassium mg/L 271
Sodium mg/L 142
Sulphur mg/L 59
Zinc mg/L 1.8

GROW contains on average 1500-2000 mg/L of PURE CARBON.  The above analysis is compiled from analyses conducted by accredited Australian laboratories.  GROW is a natural product hence concentration of individual components may vary from batch to batch.

Grow Organic Liquid Fertiliser 1Litre