Composition: diatomaceous earth, pumice, green zeolite, scoria, maifan stone and vermiculite.
Characteristics: Inorganic medium but Almost sterile stable structure. No precipitation will occur and no refilling is required.
Provides excellent cushioning. There will be no errors in fertilization. The medium contains excess fertilizer and
prevents the loss of fertilizer. Guarantee the stability of the pH value. This will ensure that plants grow stronger.

Remember: If you choose this product instead of soil as your medium, make sure that each time you water
it from top to bottom to the medium.

1. It has good air permeability. Even if you water it every day, it will not smash.
2. It has better water holding capacity.
3. It will not decompose and break.
4. No any pests and weed seeds.
5. Nutrient are slowly released
6. pH is slightly acidic, EC value is low 8, can be used Bottom stone, or can be used as garden coverings. 

Gritty Mix 3-5mm 13 Litre