Zeolite is Silicate of potassium, sodium and calcium. It's a volcanic rock with a high cation exchange capacity and water absorption thanks to the high content of "tectosilicatic" minerals such as chabasite and phillipsite.


The zeolite for horticultural use has to be imagined as a scaffold; within the spaces of the scaffold the nutrient are slowly released and only under request of the plants. The quality of the crop improves because the plants are never lacking nutrients, they also are not leached out during watering. The zeolite retains the same draining effect of pumice: on the one hand prevents water stagnation and rot, on the other allows soil aeration when dry.




Reduce watering of 30-40%;

Purification of water effluent;

Substrate for rooting (for sowing, cuttings, grafts, hydroponic);

Preparation of universal potting soil;

Preparation of specific soils (annual plants, succulents, house plants

Preparation of professional soils for horticultural nurseries and protected crops;

Soil conditioner;



Green Zeolite 3-5mm 10kg