Buffalo Master® is a concentrated herbicide blend of 2 powerful and effective herbicides. Buffalo Master® controls the weeds - the Bromoxynil acts quickly, and the MCPA provides residual control.

Controls various weed including bindii, cape-weed, catsear, clover (not Tas.), creeping buttercup, cudweed, dandelion, fleabane, jo-jo (onehunga), oxalis, plantains, thistles.

Active constituents for concentrate:
200 g/L Bromoxynil present as the octanoic acid ester
200 g/L MCPA present as the butoxyethanol ester
Solvent: 343 g/L Liquid Hydrocarbons.

Active constituents for hose-on:
12 g/L Bromoxynil present as the octanoate ester
12 g/L MCPA present as the 2-ethylhexyl ester
Solvent: 20 g/L Liquid Hydrocarbons.

* 200ml bottle covers 300m2 on lawns
* 500ml bottle covers 750m2 on lawns*- 2 litre hose-on bottle treats 200 square metres.
* Suitable for bent, buffalo (except ST varieties), couch and Qld blue couch, fescue, kikuyu, paspalum and rye lawns
*For more effective application, add Spredmax® when applying.
* Contains a measuring cap for convenient measuring.
* Excellent value for money.
* Available sizes: 200ml & 500ml & Hose-On form.

Buffalo Master Selective Weedkiller Hose On 2Lt