Produced from the second hard red jade soil of Ibaraki, Japan, fresh auburn round particles, easy to absorb water. The hardness is higher than that of the spring, which is more suitable for paving. This is a very rare substance that is made up of volcanic ash. This is also a soil medium widely used in countries such as Japan. It can be called a high-permeability volcanic mud with a round shape, no harmful bacteria, and a slightly acidic pH. Its shape is conducive to water storage and drainage. The percentage generally mixed with other substances is 30-35%, which is higher than peat. The effect is comparable to peat. Suitable for all kinds of potted plants.


Analytical data of red jade soil content:

SiO2 (silica): 42.7%


CaO (calcium oxide): 0.98%


MgO (magnesium oxide): 2.5% 


MnO (manganese oxide): 0.15%


Fe2O3 (iron oxide): 8.4% 


Al2O3 (alumina): 25.1% 

PH value: 6.9 


EC value: 0.052ms/cm

Akadama 3-6mm Double line 13L

  • Double line Hard akadama 

    very popular brand in asia

    course size 3-6mm